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Our Curriculum - A Sample of our Approach

Pre-Workshop Outdoor Gathering


Stop by to pick up materials, meet staff and meet your cohort. Before the formal program begins, we usually host a social event or gathering for everyone to meet and pick up materials.

Virtual Workshop #1 


Department of Planning staff will provide an overview of our Agency. In addition, the core content of this session will be presented by Historical and Architectural Preservation staff. They will cover the impact of systemic and institutional racism, specifically through the lens of land use and urban planning history as it relates to Baltimore City. 

Virtual Workshop #2

This session will provide a broad introduction of the Zoning Code in Baltimore City: how it is used and how it can be navigated. What type of development projects trigger opportunities for public input, and how can residents navigate the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals (BMZA) hearings. We will provide a case study for participants to work through in groups. 










In-Person Site Visit. 

We will gather for an (optional) outdoor site visit. Past visits included Lexington Market; South Baltimore waterfront;

Baltimore Food Hub in East Baltimore; and Druid Heights. (The image above is from our East Baltimore tour) 


Virtual Workshop #3

This session will continue the discussion on land use, focusing more broadly on development in Baltimore City. How do developers interact with the Department of Planning?  


Virtual Workshop #4

This session will cover neighborhood planning. What is neighborhood planning and who drives this process in Baltimore? What is the City’s Neighborhood Plans Policy? 


Virtual Workshop #5

This session will offer a broad overview of the budget process in Baltimore and particularly, Planning’s role as the manager of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). How are investments such as parks, transit, and street improvements planned and funded in Baltimore City? How does the Operating Budget process work, and how can residents play a role? 


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